The Champion of the 2013 Meritage Madness Tournament Is...

Cabernet Sauvignon!

Congratulations to the King of Bordeaux, the Emperor of Napa, the Champion of Chile—really, the most popular red grape on the planet—Cabernet Sauvignon, for winning the 2013 Meritage Madness Tournament!

And it wasn’t even close.

In a mud-stomping blowout, Cabernet Sauvignon beat up on its own mother (in a sense), Sauvignon Blanc, to the tune of 91-9 to take the title.

Well, that was fun! That wraps up this little experiment, and I think in general it was a success. People voted, seemed to enjoy the concept, and I’ll be sure to bring it back next year.

Rather than go red-vs-white like this year, I’m thinking that the 2014 Tournament will be an expanded affair, with 32 grapes from 4 geographically-aligned regions duking it out. I’m thinking the four Regions will be France, Spain, Italy, and Elsewhere. But then, I also have until next March to figure it all out.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Tomorrow we will return to your regularly-scheduled Notes From The Cellar programming with a review of our champion’s father (in a sense), as I profile a Cabernet Franc from Sonoma.

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