2013 Meritage Madness: The Championship

There Can Be Only One

Well, folks, it all comes down to this. In the real world, the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has inched its way into April (can it still be called March Madness?) and has its Final Four. Here in fantasy wineblogland, we have our Championship Matchup set in the 2013 Meritage Madness Tournament.

Let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we? In the Red Region, the #1 seed, Cabernet Sauvignon, has never really seemed threatened during this whole tournament, and that includes its 75-25 victory over third-seeded Zinfandel. Not surprisingly, Cab Sauv storms through the Red Region and will be the red grape in the Championship matchup.

On the other side of the bracket, things have not looked so easy for Chardonnay. And, in fact, it just took a beating in this Regional Final. By a more-than-convincing 82-19 margin, Sauvignon Blanc has beaten Chardonnay, and will represent the White Region in the first-ever final matchup.

So there you have it. The weeks-long process of narrowing down our favorite wine grapes has come down to this: Cabernet Sauvignon vs. Sauvignon Blanc. A pair of Bordeaux grapes, although Sauvignon Blanc perhaps finds its greatest individual expression on the islands of New Zealand. So, in that sense, this is also (a bit) of a New World vs Old World matchup.

So who will it be? Voting ends Wednesday evening, so get your opinion in! (Sorry, voting has closed)

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