I'd Just Like To Point Out That I Think This Is A Fantastic Idea

Tom Wark, wine PR uberguru, creator of the Wine Blog Awards, Old Guard of the wine blogging world itself, made an announcement this morning on his blog, Fermentation, that I am so down with, it’s hard for me to be more down with anything.

In other words, I’m down. It’s on. Much akin to Donkey Kong.

Tom has announced the formation–in its infancy for now–of the American Wine Consumer Coaltion, a new rights advocacy organization focused around the wine consumer, whose voice in government at this time can most aptly be compared to the wee voices of the shrunken teens in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

In Tom’s words:

Some states make it illegal for wine consumers to buy any wines other than those already in the state by making illegal to purchase wines from out of state wineries and/or retailers. Some … place barriers between the consumer and the source of shipment before the wines can be shipped.

Would these barriers and restrictions be in place today if a robust and active coalition of wine consumers had lifted up their voice years ago? I don’t think so.

Better late than never.

Damn skippy.

So, check it out. Get involved. The Facebook page, linked above and again here is the hub of the matter for now. I think this is awesome, and truly is the kind of thing the American wine consumer needs right now.

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