2005 Lambert Bridge Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry Creek Cab Good Now, Should Be Great

I’ve raved about the wines of Lambert Bridge before, and I’m not about to stop.

After more-than-impressive offerings of viognier and petite sirah, how would Lambert Bridge’s flagship cabernet sauvignon stand up to scrutiny?

Well. Really, really well. Like, scary good.

The Limited Selection Cab is 100% Sonoma County cabernet sauvignon. It clocks in at a Californian alcohol level of between 14-14.5%, but for anyone used to Cali style wine, that isn’t all that high (this isn’t, after all, Paulliac).

There’s something incredibly Sonoma about Lambert Bridge and their wines. There’s a little farmer in these people, a little rancher. A whole lot of vigneron. Friendly, with unpretentious wine that still maintains some of its traditional roots. Not a hoity or toity anywhere to be found.

So, the wine: garnet red in the glass, the edges are a bit more ruby in color. Very, very pretty wine. On the nose are a mixture of very cab sauv aromas: rhubarb, blackberries, some bell pepper, a touch of earthy twigginess.

The wine is full bodied on the palate, with several of the same notes from the nose coming through brightly, including blackberry and a kind of tobacco leaf herbiness. Leather and earth, too. The tannins are a bit sharp, but the wine is incredibly drinkable now. Given 5-10 years for the tannin structure to round out and calm down a bit, and this wine should be even more fantastic.

But it’s incredibly good now.

Verdict: 92/100

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