Wine Bloggers' Conference 2010 Day One "Live" Blog

I’ve never tried a liveblog like this, so it might suck a big one, who knows.

Right now, there are a ton of people in a hallway drinking wine, talking about wine, taking up space and exuding body heat. It is not cool here in eastern Washington today, so I am trying to avoid fatal heatstroke by pacing myself, both with alcohol consumption and human interaction.

The conference doesn’t start, officially anyway, for two more hours.

4:46pm —OK, that was rad. Now getting ready for white wine tasting.

4:19pm —Feeling like if things are going to advance for me, the focus cannot be just reviews. Still have a good reason to do reviews through October, though…

4:11pm —Seriously, this is a FATASTIC seminar. Incredibly impressed so far by RJ, Jeff, and Joe.

3:50pm —Already took some of Jeff’s advice in the Advanced Wine Blog seminar by buying and

3:37pm —Getting ready for the Advanced Wine Blogging session with Best Overall Wine Blog winner Joe Roberts, and multiple winner Jeff Lefevre, and someone else. RJ Hillsomething. I’m sure he’s nice too.

2:58pm —Heimoff is sooo much more interesting in his off-the-cuff Q&A than his prepared remarks. Saving the whole experience.

2:46pm —Heimoff talking about what we know and don’t know. His conclusion: nothing, and everything. Inspiring.

2:03pm —Ok, we’re in the ballroom, should be starting soon. Sitting with Ward, Ben, Hardy, Amanda, and others.

12:46pm —Taco truck tacos eaten. Still waiting for “real” start of conference. Kind of bored. Two bottles of wine in my bag. Getting heavy.

12:05pm —So, the idea is that as stuff happens here today at the 2010 Wine Bloggers' Conference, I will update this post with newer, fresher, more relevant and awesomer information and/or happenings and goings on (etc.).

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