2006 Gloria Ferrer Carneros Pinot Noir

A Solid Pinot From a California Sparkling House

I’ve come to realize that, by their nature, the makers of California sparkling wine tend to make good, but never amazing, pinot noir table wine as well.

It’s difficult for me to describe in new and interesting ways the banal. There is nothing wrong with this wine just doesn’t come across as riveting reading. It’s way easier—even more rewarding, actually—to rave embarrassingly about something I love or to rant maniacally at something I despise. The ‘06 Ferrer Pinot is neither of these things.

What is it? It’s a pretty good wine at right about the proper price point ($22, according to the Ferrer website). Pinot noir tends to not be the least expensive varietals wines you can buy anyway.

Have I bored you all to tears yet? I hope not. If I had a video of Christopher Walken dancing to the Benny Hill theme, I would play it for you, just to keep your interest.

So what’s the wine like, you ask? It’s pretty, like a lot of pinots: ruby red at its core, lightening to pink at the edges. On the nose you get a bit of heat, but it’s not enough to be off-putting. Smoke and earth, along with ripe cherry, round out the nose.

The palate actually has some interestingness to it. Fairly common(-ish) pinot notes of raspberry and oak mingle with vanilla and the slightest hint of fresh mint. Kind of like the “forest floor” aroma with less dirt and more leaf. Not bad, actually.

Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with this wine. But it’s hard to get super excited about every bottle you drink. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Verdict: 82/100

Oh, here’s that video I mentioned:

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