2006 Regusci Cabernet Sauvignon

Napa Cab That Delivers

A close friend of mine came into town last night for the coming weekend. I haven’t seen him in 6+ months, but when he lived in California, my wife and I introduced him to Regusci Winery, a small Stags Leap District winery right off Silverado Trail.

It’s one of my favorite places to visit, and between the smiles and knowledge of the employees, and the happy butt-wagging of Trixie, the winery’s Welsh Corgi, we always have a great time.

Oh, the wine is pretty damn good, too.

I bring up the friend of mine, because he had supper with my wife and I last night, and I decided to crack open this Regusci cab I’d been holding on to for a bit in celebration. The man’s been in Utah, not a place known for its spectacular wine (or liberal direct-shipping laws)!

So what’s the wine like? First, it’s not completely cab, but is instead a Bordeaux-style blend (called a Meritage here in California) of 90% cabernet sauvignon, 6% merlot, and 4% cabernet franc. In the glass, the wine is dark, almost black at its core, and lightens to a bright ruby at the edges. There’s a bit of heat on the nose but it dissipates with even a short amount of time in the glass. Smoky toastiness mixes with red cherry and blackberry notes for a pleasant mix of fruit-forwardness and oaky, earthy mellow.

The Regusci cab is full-bodied, with soft, supple tannins and good structure. Notes of raspberry and black cherry mingle with oak, mimicking—though remaining distinct from—the combination on the nose.

The wine isn’t the cheapest in the world, listed at $48 on their website, but is worth it, as it’s a great example of a Meritage, with grapes from the Valley floor tucked up against the eastern hills.

Verdict: 90/100

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