2007 TR Elliott "Three Plumes" Pinot Noir

My First Review From The Summit

I don’t mean the top of a mountain or anything. I mean the Pinot Noir Summit, which I attended a few weeks back. I have several Pinots from the event to review, a couple of them are blow-you-away good.

This one, while not quite that level of spectacular, was still awesome.

I tasted this wine blind, at the Summit’s Grand Tasting event, and my notes were all written before I knew what was in my glass, other than what my nose and mouth told me.

The Three Plumes is a bright red color, very pretty, very inviting. Tasting blind I realized how important the color of the wine itself is. I usually find myself perusing bottle labels as I taste, whether for enjoyment or to scoff at some outlandishness. With no label to eyeball, I was left with the juice in my glass.

On the nose, the wine stays what I called “very pretty.” There are some ripe red cherry notes here, and a spice note, very pleasant, like a cinnamon. Take a sip, and the Three Plumes shows itself to be a light, but balanced wine. There is a subtle strawberry note that peeks through, bit nothing here overwhelms. While that’s good, it left me wanting even more, and so I cannot rave about the Three Plumes.

What I can do, however, is recommend it. Without reservation, really. A very balanced, thoughtful Russian River Pinot Noir here.

Verdict: 88/100

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