2008 Pierre Sparr Pinot Blanc Reserve

Buttery, Appley, Sour and Tart

Is “appley” a word? As it turns out, no. But were it, then it would be an appropriate term to use when describing this 2008 Pinot Blanc. Hell, it was appropriate enough that I still used it, official standing in the English language notwith—well—standing.


The Pierre Sparr is a relatively inexpensive Pinot Blanc, though not terribly easy to find. This is a shame, because for the price, the experience is well worth it. This Alsatian wine is one I think Chardonnay fans would prefer… though it’s likely that in recommending it that way, I’ll scare everyone else right off.

The color in the glass is a light yellow straw shade, very much like many Pinot Grigios or Sauvignon Blancs. The nose is full of butter and herbs, and a definite tart apple note (like Granny Smith, or Golden Delicious).

The wine is light bodied and clean feeling. Crisp and bright, with the same tart/sour apple notes coming through on the palate. A very pleasant wine, and easy to recommend for summer cookouts or perhaps when pairing with seafood… as long as it’s in a sauce or cooked with a preparation that can stand up to some tartness. The wine would probably go nicely with, say, steamed mussels in a pesto cream sauce.

In fact, I’m sure of it.

Verdict: 84/100

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