2006 Tamas Sangiovese Riserva

Doing Italian Grapes Right, In Livermore

My very first Sangiovese was just three and a half months ago, so I’m by no means a Sangiovese expert. But the red Italian grape is one I am growing very quickly fond of.

Well, back up a sec. My first Sangiovese labelled as “Sangiovese” was 3.5 months ago. I’ve had Chianti for years. But I digress.

That Sangiovese last October was from Tamas Estates in the Livermore Valley. So’s this one. But they took extra special care with their Sangiovese Riserva, and the wines are very, very different indeed.

On the nose are some light spice notes that initially made think of Zinfandel, but then, quickly, sweet red fruit that is all Sangiovese. The wine is medium-bodied with a creamy, yet light, jamminess. Notes of raspberries and sweet cherries are here and very nice, but I never felt this wine was too sweet, or overly fruit-forward. I don’t tend to care for too sweet wines, or juicy juice boxes (like Tamas' 2007 Zinfandel Riserva), and this was neither.

I’d say that in general, Tamas Estates is doing Italian wine right, right here in the Livermore Valley. And that goes double for their Sangiovese Riserva.

Verdict: 91/100

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