2008 Beringer Sauvignon Blanc

Coffee Shop Wine

I’m not even sure why I bought it.

My wife and I were hanging out at our favorite local coffee shop, and I had the odd, in my opinion, craving for white wine. On a cold January afternoon. In the rain.


Now I know why blind tasting is awesome. I absolutely admit going into this with an attitude of “Beringer? Really. Blecch.” Which is why it’s so amazing I even bought it. But it really wasn’t that bad.

The Beringer is a light straw color in the glass. Pretty faint, but still with that tell-tale yellowness. Very Sauv Blanc.

On the nose are notes of pear and sour green apple, but very faint. Modest, as it were. I’d really prefer there were more to these notes, but there they are: very light, very faint.

The palate comes off with a much bigger bang: the Granny Smith apple on the palate is unmistakable and a big, big flavor. The back of the palate comes off almost salty. There isn’t enough acid in this light-bodied wine to be a major pairing option, but my wife and I agreed this would probably go real well with a salty, aged, dry cheese, like aged gouda or real parmigiano-reggiano. All in all, better than I expected from Beringer.

Verdict: 79/100

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