2007 Wente Small Lot Duetto

A Marriage Of Livermore And Napa Cab Sauv

Back to the Small Lot series of wines from Wente, which gave us the pretty incredible 2007 GSM. This too is a blend, but not of varietals.

The 2007 Small Lot Duetto is 100% cabernet sauvignon. Where the blending comes in, is where these cab grapes come from. 51% are from the Livermore Valley, and 49% are from the Napa Valley. It makes for a very interesting, very fun cabernet.

First, Wente really avoided the Cardinal Sin of California Cab: this wine is in no way overoaked. There are no notes of tobacco, or nuts, or trees, or whatever. On the nose is a pleasant bouquet of black fruit, mainly blackberry and black cherry.

The wine is a bit chewy in the mouth. It’s got body and really feels full and heavy. The black fruit notes from the nose are joined on the palate by some very light spice notes and a remarkable sour red raspberry note.

It’s the kind of wine you swirl, and enjoy the color. You sniff, and think “yeah, smells like a good cabernet.” Then you sip, and are surprised. Pleasantly so, that this wine brings something to the table that many others do not, or cannot.

A very good cabernet that, unfortunately, may be very difficult to get ahold of. But if you get the opportunity, take it. The Duetto won’t disappoint.

Verdict: 91/100

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