2008 Steven Kent Cabernet Sauvignon Port

Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol

We drink wine to get drunk.

OK, not always. And not exclusively. But let’s face it, the fact that the delicious grape juice with the intricate and far-flung flavor profiles also contains alcohol is an attraction. But everything, as some famous book makes a point of mentioning, in moderation.

Which is why dessert wines can get a bit interesting. They’re always sweeter, they’re sold in smaller bottles, and they’re usually pretty high in alcohol. This one in particular hits that last note.

The Steven Kent Cab Port is 20% ABV. Yes, 20%. The alcohol is heavy on the nose and palate, so you better be prepared. The nose also features some great candied fruit and sugar notes. On the palate are some notes of a general “red fruit” variety (the sugar and alcohol overpower specificity), and a bit of spicy peppermint.

All in all, while it doesn’t remind me of the ruby or tawny Portos I’ve had from Portugal, it was a tasty treat. Like most port wine, I’m sure it would pair amazingly well with chocolate. The darker the better.

Verdict: 83/100

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