2006 Cambria Julia's Vineyard Pinot Noir

As It Turns Out, Julia Gets Better With Age

Back on Thanksgiving, I had a very nice Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir from Cambria, the 2007 Julia’s Vineyard. I liked it a lot. When I found the 2006 vintage at a very nice price at K&L Wines, I decided I had to give it a go.

Good choice.

The wine is a light ruby red in color. It didn’t seem to “sparkle” as much as I remember the 2007… but then, environmental factors probably take over there. I drank the ‘07 in my parents’ well-lit dining room on Thanksgiving during the day, and the ‘06 in a bar at night. Slight difference, that.

At first sniff, the nose is a bit smoky, but it turns quickly to pleasing notes of earth and sour red fruit. I mean “sour” in the most wonderful way, of course: ripe raspberries and sour cherries, but hints of each, not some overpowering waterfall of fruitocity.

In your mouth the wine will take on a bit of light spices, and retain the sour berry notes from the nose. It’s medium bodied, and a bit chewy (which is exactly how I like my Pinot). It’s incredibly enjoyable, and when I told my drinking partners (who also raved) what I’d spent on the bottle, they didn’t believe me. I didn’t have a receipt to prove it, either, so there may still be some who are unconvinced that I picked this beauty up for $16. Well, well, well worth it.

Verdict: 91/100

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