Welcome to NFTC 2.0!

Here it is!

I’m very excited to introduce the second version of Notes From The Cellar, today, on its third monthiversary!

For the last three months, I’ve tasted wine and told you about it. I’ve slowly built an audience (you), and am happy that the site is now more useful. At least I hope it is.

To the far right, you will find the archived reviews on this site, organized by date, varietal, vintage, region, winery, and grade received. As I add new reviews to the site, they will be tagged and will automagically show up over there. I’m very excited.

Also, I finally have a blogroll to speak of. If you have a wine blog or other wine-related site and would like to have it added, just let me know. Also, I’ve populated it with a few of my favorite wine blogs, so check them out.

I’d also really appreciate you dropping me a line if you see anything wonky. I’m a one-man outfit here, and it’s entirely possible the site could still be a bit buggy. Thanks so much, and stay tuned!

I have a feeling the next three months will be more exciting than the first three. Stick around!

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