If I’m quiet over the next few days to week, bear with me (assuming anyone ever comes here without being prodded by Twitter or Facebook)…

I am going to be doing some behind-the-scenes improvements and some on-stage enhancements to the blog. I want to maintain the basic visual style—actually, the only thing I really want to keep is the header font—but I need a lot more flexibility. For instance, there is no way to look at the reviews I’ve done in any logical manner, or to easily search for them, and I have no blogroll (and hey, there are a ton of great wine blogs out there I’d love to support).

So yeah, please, bear with me. I will explode your Twitter timeline when I’m ready to reveal NFTC 2.0, but until then, you won’t see much out of me. Which is a shame—I just had the 2006 Cambria Julia’s Vineyard Pinot, and it rocked my socks (and those of several friends) right off. You’ll just have to stay tuned!

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