2007 Clos Pegase Mitsuko's Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

A Wonderfully Stinky Sauv Blanc

While eating at the California Grill atop Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, one can get pretty blown away by the more than 100 bottles of wine available for selection from not one, but two separate wine lists. To be honest, when my party asked me to pick out a bottle for dinner, I wasn’t sure which direction to go, and picked this wine because its dual-AVA listing (Carneros/Napa Valley) intrigued me.

As it turns out, the Clos Pegase winery is in Calistoga, and therefore in the Napa Valley AVA. Meanwhile, this wine’s grapes come from its namesake vineyard in Los Carneros.

If you like stinky cheese wines, this one is right up your alley.

The wine is a light golden straw color. On the nose is a mix of pungent cheeses, herbs like juniper, and a kind of barnyard/farm scent. My wife is not a fan. I loved it.

Something really popped out to me on first taste. The front of the palate on this wine tastes like aged Gouda to me. In fact, I really want to drink a nicely-chilled bottle of this Sauv Blanc with some aged Gouda, because I think it would compliment it nicely. On the mid palate and the finish, are some more recognizable, common Sauv Blanc themes: a sweet citrus I placed as grapefruit, and the ubiquitous pear note.

Incredibly enjoyable if you’re willing to try something a little off the beaten path. I’m going to try to hunt down this winery and try some more of its offerings. Recommended.

Verdict: 91/100

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