2007 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir

Traveling a long way to taste an old favorite

It’s been weeks since I reviewed a wine! The shame! To be fair to myself, I just last night returned from a 10-day vacation with family to Walt Disney World. While I didn’t have the time or energy to write up any reviews of the wine I had while I was there, I did take some tasting notes, and here’s the first.

MacMurray Ranch and I go way back. When I first discovered pinot noir, thanks in large part to the movie Sideways, it was Sonoma and Los Carneros pinots that first caught my eye and tastebuds, not the Central Coast variety featured in the film. Makers like Saintsbury, Domaine Carneros, La Crema, and yes, MacMurray Ranch, were some of my first introductions to Northern Cali Pinot.

So when I sat in a steakhouse with a French name staffed exclusively by Canadians in Central Florida, and I saw the name MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir on the wine list, I figured, hey, why not?

The color in the glass is rich and dark, almost as purple as it is red. On the nose are notes of dark fruit, blackberry and blackcurrant, along with some spicy cherries.

The wine features sharp tannins and a light mouthfeel with a short finish. The notes on the palate are mainly earthy and sweet, with a hint of spice and a lot of sweet red fruit.

I really enjoy this wine for everyday-type drinking. One of my favorites early on, it’s not particularly complex and won’t blow anyone away. I may be a bit biased here, but I find it very enjoyable and if nothing on a restaurant’s wine list entices me, MacMurray Ranch always delivers.

Verdict: 87/100

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