2007 Cambria Julia's Vineyard Pinot Noir

Turkey Day Pinot Noir . . . Should It Be a Law?

I think it should. Be a law, that is.

Except I don’t, really, because we all have an inalienable right, granted to us by divine providence, the Declaration of Independence, etc.—at least, we should—to our own varietals. “To each, their own,” as I often say.

But I just love pinot noir on Thanksgiving. To be fair, I love pinot noir lots of other days, too, especially a good Central Coast Pinot like this Cambria from Santa Maria Valley.

The color in the glass was a bright and clean ruby red that really sparkled. There is something extra-appetizing about a red wine that looks this rich.

On the nose were both the sweet red fruit smells and some darker, richer and even slightly bitter black fruit smells. Lots of cherry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. But there is something else there as well, a mineral-earthy note that I described to my wife as “wet stone.” I don’t know that she agreed, but hey, I call ‘em as I smell 'em.

The palate is smooth but rich, with mostly red fruit notes following through from the nose. There is a chalkiness to the tannins that I took for the follow-up to the wet stone aroma. Incredibly enjoyable, my father (a predominantly white or sparkling drinker) had a pretty large glass and seemed to enjoy it as well. I loved it, and will be trying to track down another bottle or two from the producer.

Verdict: 90/100

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