2006 Ca' del Solo Sangiovese

I am loving Sangiovese

One of my favorite wineries is Bonny Doon Vineyard. This quirky little Santa Cruz-based winery makes interesting blends, names their wines with attitude (my favorite is probably Cardinal Zin) and isn’t afraid to give you something great, even if it means sometimes, they give you shit.

This, dear reader, ain’t shit.

Ca' del Solo Sangiovese is not from Bonny Doon’s home base in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but from San Benito County, a little further inland, between Salinas and Fresno. I found the wine to be pretty amazing, even if driving through its home is simply something you do to get to either Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The color is almost purple-red. There is a maroon quality to it that I haven’t noticed often. On the nose, a bright raspberry note announces its presence with authority, but there are also notes of sour cherries and spices.

The front of the palate starts a bit sweet, more of the raspberry. Quickly, however, there is a spiciness and a hint of sour apple that take over the palate, and the wine feels rich in the mouth and finishes wonderfully. It goes out with a kick that it doesn’t have on the way in. It’s like the opposite of March.

Another fantastic bottle (which can be had for under $15, like many of their selections) from a fantastic winery, Bonny Doon Vineyard.

Verdict: 89/100

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