2006 Tamas Estates Sangiovese

Si, Sangiovese, Si!

So this is my first sangiovese.

It’s my second Tamas, however, as the barbera I recently tasted was also from Tamas Estates. Again, I think my introduction to the variety excites me more than this winery, but this was a very good wine I would definitely recommend, especially at the price point ($10-$15).

The color is a brilliant ruby. Exceptionally red, but bright and not dark. No hints of brown or orange shades, just red, red, red.

On the nose are some very interesting fruit notes, primarily strawberry and blueberry, and what I believe to be plum. Notes that I am personally not very familiar with in wine, but that I found enticing nonetheless.

The wine is medium-bodied, with a clean, short finish. There is a spiciness that at first I mistook for a tannic quality, but it’s much less bitter than that, with hints of red or orange bell pepper. The mid-palate is dominated by similar fruit notes to what you find in the nose, plus some apple and pear notes. Really quite nice, a fruit-forward wine lover will feel right at home here.

All in all, a very good wine. I’m more excited than ever to branch out and try more sangiovese after this experience.

Verdict: 89/100

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