2006 Tamas Estates Barbera, Livermore Valley, CA

My First-Ever Barbera, Well, Second, If You Count Hanna-Barbera

My wife made stew. It was really, really good. Full of beef and carrots, white and green beans, onion, potato, etc., etc. She also made pumpkin pie with a gingersnap crust. She makes great food.

This was a wine that paired quite nicely with both dishes. The barbera—my first taste of this grape, recommended to me by the greatest bar manager in Walnut Creek—had a nose ripe with cherry and an odd inkiness (that perhaps could be better explained by a more accomplished oenologist, but to me it smelled “inky”). The front of the palate was all fruit, mostly more of the rich dark cherry and some raspberry.

The more I drank, however, the wine opened up a bit. The mid-palate eventually revealed hints of coffee and chocolate that I was pretty excited about. And the pepper—ohhh, the black pepper in this wine—it finished with a dry pepperiness even at the beginning, but more so as the wine took on some oxygen over the course of the meal.

All in all, a good wine. I’m more excited about barbera than I am about this Tamas wine in particular, but it was a very good experience nonetheless.

Verdict: 82/100

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