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No One Ever Claimed Outback Steakhouse Carries Fantastic Wine

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. Last night, we went to the local Outback Steakhouse for her birthday dinner—she loves the place—and I decided that I would order steak and wine.

This wine—like, unfortunately, my steak- was very dry and a bit chewy. There was so much pepper on the front of the tongue that I thought for a second they had given me a Zinfandel, but none was even offered on the menu.

Some swirling and some swirling and a bit of swirling and waiting, and the pepperiness died down a bit, smoothing out the wine after it’d been pummeled long enough by air. Pleasant notes of raspberry and cranberry saved the whole experience, but it was an incredibly uneven flavor that left me feeling as if my tongue were be sucked of all its fluid. Dry, dry, dry mouth.

Not a great glass of wine. Not the worst I’d ever had. I should have asked the waiter what the vintage was, however. Lesson learned.

Verdict: 71/100

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