A Taste Of Things To Come

Welcome to Notes From The Cellar

On Saturday, the wife and I took my parents up to Napa for a brief afternoon jaunt. We had shipments of bubbly to pick up at Domaine Chandon, and decided while there to also stop by our favorite little Stag’s Leap winery, Regusci.

At Regusci, Neil The Awesome (as the british-accented, toe-headed, kilt-donning, wine genius sales manager-slash-tasting room fixture has become known to me and mine) took the four of us over to the barrel room at we had a little taste.

Let me tell you one thing: Napa Cabs are going to see some very, very good things come out of 2007 and 2008. Completely ridiculous Cabernet Sauvignon we had (to be fair, it had about 5-7% Cab Franc in there as well), and it wasn’t even ready to be bottled yet.

Neil chatted us all up about the ‘07 and '08 harvests, and I have to say that they sound like an amazing couple years, and not just on Jim Regusci’s plot of land, but throughout the Valley. Plus, one of my other favorite Cab houses in the appellation, James Cole, buys a lot of fruit from the welshman, so if nothing else, their '07 (and maybe even moreso '08) should be a cut above the already very good offerings from that small, Cab-only winery.

This is the kind of stuff I will write. Only there should be more actual tasting notes, pictures, etc. to come. We’ll see.

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